Behind the enviable lifestyle and multi-million dollar contracts, superstar athletes are just human beings. In the latest installment of his documentary series for The Players' Tribune, Isaiah Thomas peels back the curtain, and gives us a look at the range of emotions that a player goes through moments after finding out they are being traded. 

At the 6:45 mark of the video, which you can head here to watch in full, Thomas breaks down how Celtics general manager Danny Ainge delivered the news to him. As he searches for answers regarding why he was traded, Thomas briefly thinks about his kids, who were just about to start school. "You know, I was in cool in Boston," he said, aloud. "I knew my way around." It's a tough moment for a player like Thomas who probably felt as though his job was secure.

The trade reopened Thomas's eyes to the harsh reality of the league, that no one is safe, and at any moment, a player can be dealt to another team. Prior to his breakout campaign last season, IT bounced around the league throughout his six-year career, spending time with the Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns before establishing what he thought was a home in Boston.

At around the 10:55 mark, we see Thomas breaking the news to his kids. While his youngest son wasn't happy with the trade, his oldest child seemed to be excited.