Way back in February, a random Twitter user named John Goehrke managed to score a date with tennis player Genie Bouchard after winning a Super Bowl bet with her. Bouchard sent out this tweet after the Falcons worked their way to a 28-3 lead through the first three quarters of the game.

Goehrke responded by asking Bouchard if she would go on a date with him if the Patriots managed to come back and win.

Without hesitation, she said yes.

She then paid off the bet once the Patriots did the improbable and came back to win. Bouchard and Goehrke ended up going to a Nets game about a week after the Super Bowl, and it looked like it went pretty well, too.

It actually went so well that Bouchard said she would be down to go out with Goehrke again.

That was the last we heard from Bouchard and Goehrke, though, so we naturally assumed that things just didn’t work out once the publicity from their date subsided. But it appears as though our assumptions may have been incorrect, because a new photo of Bouchard and Goehrke just popped up and suggested that Goehrke did get that second date he was looking for after all.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bouchard took to—what else?—Twitter to reveal that she was once again spending time with Goehrke, who apparently came to visit her this week.

She also followed that tweet up with another photo of her and Goehrke on Thursday morning.

It’s unclear if this was actually a second date or if the two are just friends. But whatever the case, those on social media are praising Goehrke for winning the 2017 "Shoot Your Shot" Olympics.

If this guy didn’t send Tom Brady a thank you card already, he needs to get one in the mail ASAP.

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