Floyd Mayweather has the confidence of a champion. I mean, you don't go 50-0 in professional boxing without a top-tier mindset.

Mayweather's self-belief is not limited to challenges in the boxing ring, though. As we noted earlier this week, he seems to think he could compete in mixed martial arts, and may even take on a UFC fight. And now, Mayweather seems to think he can also get down on the court—even if he's squaring off with one of basketball's GOATs.

The legendary Lakers 2-guard Kobe Bryant posted a short video from "Dear Basketball," the film that played during his jersey retirement ceremony at Staples Center earlier this week, on Friday. He put the video up on the Gram with a short thank-you note to the legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, who worked on the project.

One comment on the post stood out—a comment from Floyd. It wasn't a simple "congratulations." It was, instead, a "bring it on."

"I'm ready to play you one on one for $1,000,000," Floyd wrote. 

With a net worth of more than $1 billion, a loss of one million wouldn't be devastating for the man nicknamed "Money." However, Floyd is 5-foot-8, and Kobe is Kobe, so this matchup would be, uhh...less than favorable for Mayweather. 

This is a joke, of course. If this game were to somehow happen, though, you could count us among the millions of Americans who would tune in to watch Kobe dunk on Floyd.

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