On Saturday night, Carmelo Anthony returned to MSG for the first time since he was dealt to the Thunder a few months ago. Nearly 20,000 fans secured tickets to watch this return in person, but for the sake of this article we only really care about one (which is actually one more than we usually care about). That would be La La Anthony, Melo's wife, who filed for a separation from him back in April of this year after he allegedly got a woman who worked at a gentleman's club pregnant.

You see, La La was captured in a very, very well-timed photo that was about as dramatic as any image of a wronged lover staring down her spurned ex while he plays in an NBA game has any right to be:

As is the case with most well-timed photos that snag the squirrel-like attention span of the internet, there were some reactions (although, honestly, most of them have to do with eyewear):

While these opinions you just read seem to think it was an unforgiving stare, the website Celebrity Insider claims the former couple had a romantic night (and if they don't know then why the hell do they call themselves that?). Of course that same article quoted a source who said Carmelo "played really well" even though he was 5-of-18 on the night with zero second-half points. So, who knows?

Made for a good photo though.