Wendy Haskell filed a sexual harassment lawsuit on Monday against former NFL quarterback Warren Moon, per the Seattle Times. The suit alleges that Moon grabbed her crotch during a trip to Seattle earlier this year, and pulled off her bathing suit after drugging her drink when the two took a trip to Mexico two months ago. Haskell also accuses the nine-time Pro Bowler of forcing her to wear "skimpy thong lingerie bottoms" and stay in the same bed as him during their business trips. If she protested his requests, Moon would assert that she needed to accept his orders if she wanted to keep her job, adding that "his prior assistant accepted the same arrangement."   

Haskell started working in July for the firm Sports 1 Marketing, which was founded by Moon, where she served as his executive assistant. She was required to travel with him on his various trips, which included speaking engagements, personal appearances, and charity events. However, she was demoted in October after complaining about Moon's behavior. 

Back in 1995, Moon was sued by a cheerleader for the Minnesota Vikings who accused him of sexual harassment, claiming he offered her money in exchange for sex. A few days later, the matter was settled out of court.

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