Last month, UFC president Dana White made his plans to get into boxing promotion public, and he also elaborated how he'd do so by reeling in fighters under the UFC umbrella.

Fast forward to Saturday night where, following the one-sided Lomachenko-Rigondeaux boxing match in New York City, Arum was asked about Dana White closing in on becoming a licensed promoter. Arum said he thought White getting into boxing would be great because it would mean boxing isn't as dead as most people think.

"If Dana White started promoting boxing, it would be terrific," said Arum. "Because it would show what we have now proven that boxing is not an old man’s sport, that our demographics are young. We’ve been up against them twice, and we’re up against them now for the third time, but a leveled playing field. Free television (on) ESPN, free television (on) FOX and FS1, and a lot of kids don’t have premium television because they can’t afford $15 a month."

When asked a follow-up question, Arum responded in a much testier voice, which is probably because the two of them don't like each other whatsoever.

"Who gives a shit about White, he’s a piece of crap," Bob said. "It’s an acknowledgment how strong boxing is. He has the UFC that’s cratering, and he needs boxing to save himself."

Check it out above and, if nothing else, hope you still have that bite and vigor in your voice when you're 86.

Just a day after Arum had made his comments, White poured cold water on the idea of Manny Pacquiao boxing Conor McGregor, even going so far as to say he'd "sue" Pacquiao and "whoever is representing him," if there had been discussions held in an effort to make that fight official.

White also responded to Arum's remarks about UFC by telling him to wait and see, while also complimenting him on aging well, like I just did, except doing it in a manner that we all know was far more tongue in cheek.

"You'll see, Bob," White said. "We'll see at the end. Bob's the same guy who said the UFC would never work, and the UFC was loosing 'oodles' of money, whatever the fuck 'oodles of money' means. Look at what we've done and look at where we are. I mean, come on. At the end of the day, we'll see who stands where when the smoke clears and the dust settles.

"I'll give it to him, though. For a fucking 95-year-old dude, this guy's pretty feisty, man. I'll give it to him. I'll give him that."

Other sports should take a note or two here.