On Sunday morning, in a move that a lot of people could probably see coming (I mean, if they cared enough to think about it) the University of Tennessee fired their head football coach, Butch Jones.

While Jones had been on the hot seat for awhile, the straw that broke the camel's back appears to be the 50-17 ass kicking that the Volunteers suffered at the hands and feet of Missouri on Saturday night.

Jones was in his fifth year of heading up UT's sideline where he had a 34-27 overall record, and was 4-6 this year. The past two seasons he won 9 games apiece, but the program regressed badly this season, and they were also tied for last in the SEC East with an 0-6 mark.

Now I doubt anybody feels too bad for Butch but, in case you do, his current contract has an $8 million buyout. In the meantime, defensive line and ex-Michigan coach Brady Hoke will serve as the interim. Or, at least he will until the school figures out how many zeroes it would take to coax Jon Gruden out of the MNF booth. Probably a lot.