It may be difficult to find common ground between Steph Curry and Lonzo Ball. Curry was the overlooked player out of Davidson who was taken by the Golden State Warriors with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. Ball was the player that the Los Angeles Lakers made room for before selecting him with the second overall pick in this year's draft.

What could these two possibly have in common? 

"Early in my sophomore and junior years in high school, there was a little extra pressure because of who my dad was, and I felt like everybody was kind of critiquing my every move on the court, and I was already not getting recruited or anything," Curry told ESPN. "I was always playing to be recognized by coaches. So, I had pressure on myself anyway." 

Even though Lonzo's father LaVar never turned heads for his basketball skills quite like Curry's dad Dell, both guys have a cloud hanging over their respective heads, thanks to their pops. "Whenever you miss a shot, the crowd goes crazy, and only for your misses and nobody else's," Steph said. "The high school cheering sections going at me, and hounding me the whole game. Even in college, the same type of deal. It rubs you the wrong way a little bit. I had to go through those experiences."

What can Lonzo learn from Curry's experience of living in his father's shadow?

"But at the end of the day, I taught myself how to have a sense of humor about it and understand that it kind of comes with the territory of choosing the same sport that my pops played, and dealing with it that way," he said. "[Lonzo] can't let what people say bother him. Use it as motivation."

Lonzo and the Lakers will take on Steph and the Warriors tonight.

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