The first six games of the 2017 World Series have been absolutely insane. As we mentioned early Wednesday morning after the Dodgers beat the Astros 3-1 in Game 6 to force a Game 7, it’s only right that the series goes the distance after seeing how crazy things have been thus far.

But apparently, the players on the field and their fans aren’t the only ones going through the highs and lows of playing in a wild World Series. There’s also reportedly an anonymous sports gambler out there who has been right there with them every step of the way. According to Las Vegas gambling insider R.J. Bell, there is a bettor who has gone a perfect 6-0 betting on the series so far and let his winnings ride every step of the way. Heading into Game 6, he had won about $8 million, and Bell reported that the man put the entire $8 million up on the Dodgers to win the latest game.

Who is this guy? At this time, it’s unclear. Bell is only reporting that he’s an Eastern European man under the age of 30 who has spent the World Series placing astronomical bets at sportsbooks all around Las Vegas. It also seems he’s known in some Vegas circles for placing ridiculously large bets on UFC fights.

There is some speculation that this guy, whoever he is, might just be a "beard" for a larger group of bettors. But Bell has talked to some people who don’t think a larger group would have had the stones to take some of the bets he has reportedly taken through the first six World Series games.

At any rate, if this guy really is out there, he won his $8 million bet on the Dodgers on Tuesday night, and Bell reports that he’s expected to continue to let his money ride on Wednesday night when the Dodgers and Astros take the field one last time to determine a World Series winner. Bell doesn’t know who he’s taking just yet, but assuming he puts everything on the line, he would have $14 million riding on one of the two teams.

For what it’s worth, the Dodgers are currently favored to win Game 7.

There’s a chance that this mysterious Eastern European man doesn’t actually exist. But for the time being, Bell is sticking to his story, and this interesting subplot will make Game 7 of the World Series even crazier than it was already going to be.