Russell Wilson is one of the most exciting players in the NFL and has single-handedly kept the Seahawks in the playoff hunt this season by running all over the field trying to disguise the fact that Seattle has one of the worst offensive lines in the league. But off the field, Wilson is known for being, well, how should we put this? Boring? Yeah, let’s go with boring. He’s one of the worst interviews in the league and just about always provides generic, lifeless, canned answers to the questions that he’s asked during press conferences.

But is there another side to Wilson? That’s the question everyone is asking after seeing a clip of Wilson and Ciara that’s floating around. In the short clip, Ciara can be seen trying on Wilson’s old high school jersey as he narrates the scene. As Ciara twists and turns to show off all sides of the jersey, Wilson says things like, "Oh yeah, the official official" and "Mmmhmmmm, girl, you look good in that jersey," and he does it while using a completely different voice than the one he uses at the podium in front of reporters. He even closes the clip out by saying, "Girl, if I would have known you in high school, we would have about six of these kids!" Ciara responds by saying, "Babe, stop!" before shutting down the show.

The clip provides an, er, interesting glimpse into what life is like for Wilson and Ciara when the cameras aren’t around (even though, in this case, there was one around). And it has people feeling all types of ways about the voice Wilson uses. Some have pointed out that he sounds exactly like Slim Thug in the clip (they’re not wrong!), while others have suggested this is Wilson’s real voice.

Russell Wilson—not so boring after all, eh?