Last week, ESPNs 30 For 30 special on Ric Flair was a ratings success. There was a lot that we ended up learning about Ric Flair's career and home life, but it's interesting to hear that Ric allegedly didn't know that his former managers took money that was owed to him for working on the special.

According to TMZ Sports, Flair filed a lawsuit against Legacy Talent and Entertainment, the company that had been managing the Nature Boy from 2009 to October of 2017. Flair's lawsuit says that, after doing some digging, he noticed that First Row Films (who was behind the 30 For 30) paid Legacy $25,000. These are funds that Flair says he never knew about, nor did he receive a piece of. Flair actually says that he's missing something like $46,000 in payments, including a $12,000 advance in royalties from Jake's Fireworks, who he has an endorsement deal with.

At the time that Flair's lawsuit hit the newswire, Legacy reportedly said they were using these funds to pay Flair's legal bills. But today they bounced back, putting Flair on blast. They not only told TMZ Sports that Flair's claims were "baseless and defamatory," but added that Flair "has always been known to be dramatic and looking desperately for the spotlight. That's fine as a wrestler but it is despicable when he blatantly lies."

Legacy even went as far as to reference to a 2011 piece Grantland did on Flair's "long, steady decline" (as they put it). "As anyone who read [the Grantland article] knows, Ric has always left a trail of destruction in his wake whether it be from his ex wives, the IRS, State Departments of Revenue, creditors, or from his former business partners and friends... the debris is everywhere."

They went further, saying "the $37,000 in dispute are in his management company’s trust account while we were working out a settlement on the sums of money owed our client from deals and money Flair hid from his management."

As of right now, Flair has not clapped back with his own response.