In what might be this week’s most predictable piece of news, O.J. Simpson was thrown out of a hotel in Las Vegas on Wednesday night for getting drunk and belligerent.

Never know who you are going to see in Vegas.... yep, OJ Simpson

— Brian Munz (@BrianMunzTSN) November 9, 2017

Since his release from prison last month, Simpson has been a regular at different bars at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, according to TMZ. But last night the Juice drank one too many and became “disruptive” at the hotel’s Clique bar. He reportedly became angry and broke glasses at the bar.

Simpson had to be removed from the premises by hotel security. Even though TMZ reports that he was nice to the guards, he has been permanently banned from the Cosmopolitan.

TMZ also obtained audio of a police call regarding O.J. from around midnight on Wednesday night. The dispatcher first claims O.J. is at a pizza restaurant, but then corrects themselves, saying he was at a bar asking about the pizza place. You can hear the dispatcher say very clearly, and rather ominously, “Orenthal is here.”

O.J. has been keeping a relatively low profile since leaving prison—he even dressed up as himself for Halloween and gave out candy to children in his neighborhood—but it looks like the 70-year-old might be catching up to some of his old habits. He served nine years out of a nine-to-33-year sentence for armed robbery—as the story goes, O.J. showed up to a hotel room in Las Vegas in 2007 to take back several of his own personal items that had been stolen and were being sold. O.J. stole "back" his own items with a posse of armed men, but was subsequently caught.

He was acquitted of the 1995 murder of his then-girlfriend Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, although he later lost a related $33.5 million civil suit. He still owes that money to both the Brown and Goldman families, but the amount has now ballooned to $60 million due to accrued interest.