The Super Bowl is the most watched event in the U.S. (I actually didn't double-check that, but it sounds right) and the Falcons bleeding away a 28-3 lead last February has become fodder for people who can't differentiate between real and fake, pity laughs. Every once in awhile you see a decent usage of this running gag, whether it comes from an NFL Twitter account or a try-hard Walmart display, but most of the time it's just a recycled "Warriors blew a 3-1 lead" gag. At some point you got to let go.

Still, apparently we haven't hit that point (and judging by how long it took the Crying Jordan meme to play out, it will probably be awhile longer). On Tuesday, Falcons QB Matt Ryan announced on Twitter that he and his wife were expecting twins:

As you can see, the picture included a "2" balloon, which was all the great comedic geniuses of our team needed to showcase their god-given talents, including a reply that racked up more than twice as many retweets as Ryan's original message (though, unless you're family, it is kind of odd to RT celebrities announcing they're having kids):

Also here's the same joke for a game that nobody outside North Carolina cared about:

And, lest you start to feel bad, know that even if you blew a 1,000 point lead on an international stage it would still be far, far sweeter to be an MVP-winning NFL quarterback than it would to be making nine-and-a-half-month–old Twitter jokes that have been beaten to death.

Brady Photoshop was kind of quality though.