Marshawn Lynch played one of his best games as a member of the Raiders on Sunday night. He rushed for 57 yards and two touchdowns in a 27-24 win over the Dolphins. And when the game was over, he agreed to do a quick interview with Deion Sanders, LaDainian Tomlinson, and the rest of the late-night NFL Network crew.

While Lynch typically shies away from doing post-game interviews, he’s been more open to them this season, especially with the NFL Network. He interrupted teammate Derek Carr’s interview with NFL Network back in September to say a few words, and he once again stole the show on Sunday night by keeping it real—maybe a little too real (as he's known to do)—during his interview.

Lynch was asked if the Raiders made a concerted effort to run the ball more against Miami, and he said he didn’t know. But what he did know is that the weather in Miami seemed to impact the Raiders’ game plan heading into the night.

"Right before we came out for kickoff," he said during his live interview, "that motherfucker started pouring. So it probably changed the game plan up a little bit."

Everyone on the NFL Network set laughed at Lynch’s slip-up. But when Sanders asked him about it, Lynch said he had a good reason for cursing on live TV. According to him, he didn’t even realize they were live at the time. "Aw, I thought we was just on FaceTime!" he said. "I was hollering at my big dog."

That wasn’t the only uncensored moment Lynch provided, either. Earlier in the interview, he was asked about how he spent some time practicing with high school kids recently after being suspended for a game for pushing a referee. And he said he did it for a really simple reason. "I couldn’t go around the [Raiders] facility," he said, "so a nigga had to stay active somehow."

Never change, Marshawn. Let’s hope the Raiders keep on winning, so Lynch keeps on doing these interviews during what could be his final season in the NFL.