In response to the news of Houston Texans owner Bob McNair's controversial remarks regarding the national anthem protests, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green shared his thoughts on the matter in an Instagram post.

In addition to classifying McNair's actions as "very Donald Sterling-esque," Green suggested that we stop referring to people like McNair as "owners." "For starters, let's stop using the word owner and maybe use the word Chairman," he wrote. "To be owned by someone just sets a bad precedent to start. It sets the wrong tone. It gives one the wrong mindset." Draymond raises a good point. In leagues such as the NFL and NBA where a majority of the owners are white and the players are people of color, it makes sense to avoid using a term like "owner."

Mark Cuban took exception to Green's comments and even demanded that the Warriors star-forward issue an apology to the NBA. "For him to try to turn it into something it's not is wrong," Cuban told ESPN. "He owes the NBA an apology. I think he does, because to try to create some connotation that owning equity in a company that you busted your ass for is the equivalent of ownership in terms of people, that's just wrong. That's just wrong in every which way." 

Cuban even took a swipe at Draymond's lack of a collegiate business background. "To try to turn it into something that it's not is ridiculous," he said. "Draymond can trash-talk on the court, but when he comes into our world, it doesn't fly. ... I guess it's because he went to Michigan State and didn't take any business classes, but you own equity. When you own a team, you own equity, shares of stock. That's called ownership. Tell him if he wants to take classes at Indiana's business school, I'll even pay for his classes and we'll help him learn that stuff." With the condescension that comes with such comments, Draymond won't likely sit this one out. And Since Mark rarely knows when to keep it to himself, this isn't the last we'll hear from these two.