Early last week, LeBron James turned the NBA world on its head by posting the Arthur meme on Instagram along with the caption, "Mood…"

It led to an endless amount of speculation, with people wondering what LeBron was so upset about when he posted the meme. Had he just finished watching Kyrie Irving go off for 35 points? Was he disappointed about the way the season started for the Cavaliers? Did he learn about Eric Bledsoe’s trade to the Bucks before everyone else and get angry at his team for not pushing harder for a deal with the Suns?

Whatever the case, LeBron refused to admit that the meme was meant to be taken literally. The day after he put it up, reporters crowded around his locker to ask him about it, and his explanation for it was, "I like Arthur. That’s OK, right?"

Something tells us that isn’t why LeBron posted the meme. But whatever—we all eventually got over it and moved on.

It seems the Cavs themselves haven’t moved on just yet, though. On Monday night, they knocked off the Knicks in a thrilling comeback win. And while everyone else was busy talking about LeBron’s unexpected beef with Enes Kanter, several Cleveland players took to Instagram to post Arthur memes of their own.

Dwyane Wade posted one.

Isaiah Thomas did, too.

Then Channing Frye got in on the action.

So did Jeff Green.

And while he showed up a little late to the party, Iman Shumpert kept it going on Tuesday morning.

What does it all mean?! Still unclear. But if this happens, don’t be surprised:

LeBron better like Arthur as much as he says, because it looks like the aardvark is going to be the team’s unofficial mascot for the remainder of the season.