Some things never change. After playing for five different teams over the last four seasons, Lance Stephenson returned to the Indiana Pacers last year and just like old times, he continued to torment LeBron James. Midway through the second quarter of tonight's contest, James took the ball and rushed up the court where Stephenson was waiting for him on the other side. Expecting LeBron to toss an alley-oop to his teammate, Lance leapt in the air, but as The King tried making his way to the basket, Born Ready delivered a karate chop on Bron Bron's balls. 

James immediately let out a thunderous roar because it's so painful that even the slightest flick on the groin can send a grown man to his knees. LeBron spent the next minute or so trying to recover from the nut tap. In the meantime, the officials reviewed the play and gave Lance a Flagrant 1. 

Back in 2014, the Stephenson/James feud took off when the cameras caught the Pacers guard blowing into LeBron's ear. The moment created a meme firestorm with people using the incident in a variety of ways. It also proved that Stephenson would do just about anything to piss off The King. Tonight, we were reassured that Born Ready would really do just about anything. 

The Cavs lost the game to the Pacers 124 - 107.