Back in February, Kevin Durant made his long-awaited return to Oklahoma City about six months after he decided to leave the Thunder to join the Warriors. And at the time, he didn’t even try to give reporters the old "This is just another game" spiel. It was clear that it was anything but, as KD reportedly hired extra security guards to protect him from the very fans who used to cheer him. Fortunately, he didn’t need security to step up and actually do anything during the game, but he did hear it from the OKC fans, who booed him relentlessly during the game while outfitted in shirts that said "Koward" and "Cupcake" on them.

Fast forward nine months and KD is once again preparing to play in his first game in OKC this season. But while he seemed genuinely worried about dealing with the backlash he was going to receive in February, he’s decidedly less worried about it this year. On Tuesday, he was asked about how he’s preparing to play back in OKC, and he said that he’s taking the "just another game" approach this time around.

"I know if I don’t focus and lock in, I won’t play to the best of my abilities," he said. "I try to knock out all the nonsense and all the BS and just go out there and play. I continue to do that every night."

KD was also quick to point out that, despite all the adversity he faced in OKC last season, it was still "a pretty fun moment to be a part of." That was probably because, if you remember, KD went off against his former team, dropping 34 points in a 130-114 Warriors win.

The Warriors and Thunder will tip off in their first matchup of this season at 8 p.m. on Wednesday.