The two topics that they say should never be broached in public are religion and politics. We may need to add another one to that list. Two people should never discuss sports, especially when the individuals involved in the discussion support each other's rival team. There's no problem with each person expressing their fierce loyalty in a debate. But every now and then, things can get out of hand, like they did between an Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide fan. 

According to ESPN, an Auburn and Alabama fan were arguing near an Extend A Suites motel after 7 p.m. on Monday night over which team is better when the Crimson Tide supporter pulled out a gun and shot the Tigers fan in the thigh. The 'Bama fan then fled the scene.

Mobile police have arrested 28-year-old Rodney Alexander​ in connection with the shooting and is being charged with assault second degree, WKRG reports

The injuries sustained by the Auburn supporter were unknown, but do not appear to be life-threatening. "The male subject got mad, pulled out a firearm and struck the victim in the thigh and fled," the police report said.

The Crimson Tide are currently the No. 1 team in the nation while the Tigers are holding down the No. 6 spot. Both teams will square off in their yearly Iron Bowl on Nov. 25 with the winner going on to play the following week in the SEC Championship Game.