On Saturday, Alabama (No. 25) and Minnesota (No. 14) went head-to-head at the Barclay's Classic. While the Golden Gophers won 89-84 against the Crimson Tide, it was the series of events before their victory that has people talking.

In the second half, there was a scuffle that resulted in the entire Alabama bench being ejected.

From there, it was just five players available. The Crimson Tide played their whole squad until one of them fouled out. That made it a 5-on-4 with a clear advantage for the Gophers.

But then, John Petty got injured, which now made this game a 5-on-3.

Even with those odds, the Tide continued to play. At one point, they cut the deficit from 12 points to three, with guard Collin Sexton tried to tie it with a three-point attempt. The Tide lost tonight, but you have to give them props for their effort.

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