UPDATED, 10/30/17, 2:30 p.m.:

The Bears shared some encouraging news about Zach Miller on Monday afternoon. They reported that the surgery he had on his left leg was successful.

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When Bears tight end Zach Miller went down with a left leg injury after nearly making a touchdown catch against the Saints on Sunday, it was pretty clear right from the beginning that he was probably going to miss a substantial amount of time because of it. The injury looked really bad with his knee bending in a completely unnatural direction. It was reminiscent of the injury Celtics guard Gordon Hayward sustained during a game earlier this month, and it had everyone on social media cringing (warning: the video below is very graphic).

But now, it sounds like the injury Miller sustained might be even more serious than previously feared. According to sources who spoke with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Miller dislocated his knee. And while that in and of itself is a bad injury, Miller’s dislocation is reportedly considered "more significant" than a typical knee dislocation since he damaged an artery. It’s so significant that Mortensen is reporting that Miller had to undergo an emergency surgery on Sunday night so that surgeons could try and save his leg. They reportedly grafted tissue from his right leg in an effort to repair the artery in his left one.

It’s unclear as of right now whether Miller’s surgery was successful. But many of the Bears players have sent their thoughts and prayers in his direction over the last 12 hours.

Miller has played for the Bears since 2014.

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