The end of the Redskins/Chiefs game on Monday Night Football earlier this week was really wild. The Chiefs scored a late touchdown on a fluky fumble recovery to deliver not one but two historically bad gambling beats to all of the sports bettors out there. And it looks like the craziness surrounding the final play of the game extended off the field as the players from both teams made their way back to their respective locker rooms.

Redskins wide receiver Terrelle Pryor had himself a decent game against the Chiefs, recording 70 receiving yards and a touchdown. But as he made his way to a tunnel inside of Arrowhead Stadium, he was heated both over his team’s loss and over the way a bunch of Chiefs fans were acting. Those fans heckled Pryor, dropping multiple F-bombs on him and referring to him as a "little p*ssy," as he tried to exit the field. And that caused Pryor to freak out and drop an F-bomb of his own while flipping off the fans. He also appeared to consider swinging his helmet at a fan before thinking better of it and retreating to his locker room.

This is, of course, not the first time that an NFL player has gotten into it with a fan while walking off the field. Former NFL player Steve Smith and ex-Jets quarterback Geno Smith are just a couple of the others who have done it. It’s never a good look for anyone involved, and it’s a good thing that Pryor was able to restrain himself and de-escalate the latest situation. Because while it appears that the Chiefs fans were probably the ones in the wrong here—we doubt Pryor was the one who started this tense standoff—Pryor would have been the one who would have gotten himself into major trouble by going after them. And as it stands, we would be surprised if he wasn’t fined or at least issued a warning once this video makes its way to the NFL offices.

You can see Pryor go at it with the Chiefs fans in the TMZ Sports video above.