Are you watching FS1’s Undisputed on a daily basis? The tweets that are routinely sent out by Sports Illustrated reporter Richard Deitsch would suggest that you’re not. Every time Skip Bayless says something stupid on Twitter, Deitsch responds by pointing out just how poorly Undisputed is doing in the ratings.

But Shannon Sharpe might make you want to reconsider your decision not to watch the show. He’s injected a lot of life into Skip’s usual shtick in recent weeks—and made some really important points in the process—and on Monday morning, when, quite frankly, we all could have used a momentary distraction in light of the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas, Sharpe delivered maybe his best Undisputed moment yet.

After watching Skip’s Cowboys lose to the Rams on Sunday and Undisputed host Joy Taylor’s Dolphins lose to the Saints, Sharpe decided to gloat by bringing a "victory cigar" onto the show’s set to celebrate. And this wasn’t just any victory cigar. It was a Black and Mild that he tossed into his mouth, much to the delight of Bayless and Taylor. It led to a pretty hilarious interaction between the three over why Sharpe chose a Black and Mild of all things to bring with him to the show.

If you can’t watch the clip, here’s what was said on the show once Sharpe popped the Black and Mild into his mouth:

Sharpe: If your team won, you can enjoy me with a victory cigar.

Bayless: You smoke cigars?

Taylor: You’re calling Black and Milds cigars now?

Sharpe: I be on them Milds! I be on them milds with that yak hard yesterday.

Taylor: Shannon, this is very off brand. I’m just going to say that.

Sharpe: Joy, first of all, if your team did not score a point yesterday, please do not touch the victory cigar!

Taylor: I think by not smoking the Black and Milds, I’m actually…

Bayless: Where did you buy those at? Rite Aid?

Sharpe: Hold on, first of all, Skip, why you be on me on these Milds? Cause I be on these Milds and Henn Dawg and now y’all got problems with me. Let me celebrate!

Sharpe also closed out his celebration by saying: "I’m on these Milds and that Henn Dawg. My eyes about to be like Michael Jordan’s!"

It didn’t take long for photos and clips of Sharpe and his Black and Milds to start making the rounds, and of course, people couldn’t get enough of it. By early Monday afternoon, Sharpe was trending on Twitter, and it was pretty easy to see why.

For at least one day, Shannon Sharpe and Undisputed reign supreme.