LaVar Ball shocked some people earlier this week—which is pretty hard to do these days, when you consider some of the other things he’s done in recent months—by announcing that he was pulling his son LaMelo out of Chino Hills High School to homeschool and train him over the next two years. At the time, LaVar said he was doing it because he was tired of dealing with the Chino Hills basketball coach, and he also said he didn’t want "no distractions" for LaMelo moving forward.

"I’m going to homeschool him and make him the best basketball player ever," LaVar said.

But it sounds like there might be more to it than that. The Los Angeles Times did some digging around and discovered that, prior to pulling LaMelo out of school, LaVar may have overstepped his bounds (no way!) by trying to convince Chino Hills coach Dennis Latimore to add several players to his team prior to the upcoming season. It’s unclear if those players were already attending the school or if LaVar was trying to bring some of his AAU players into the mix, but either way, Latimore and Chino Hills principal Isabel Brenes both reportedly refused his request, which was why LaVar then decided to take LaMelo out of the school.

Wayne Joseph, the superintendent of the Chino Bills school district, spoke with the Times on Tuesday and confirmed that version of the story.

"He suggested he put four or five kids on varsity," Joseph said, while also taking the diplomatic route and adding that LaVar and his wife Tina "have done a magnificent job with their kids."

If this side of the story is true, it seems as though LaVar overstepped his bounds even more than usual, and Chino Hills probably isn’t all that upset about seeing him and LaMelo leave. The Ball boys have obviously put Chino Hills on the map in recent years, but it sounds like LaVar was really becoming a thorn in the side of the school’s coach and administration.