The NBA tips off on Tuesday, and everyone’s chasing the Warriors. But is there any chance someone actually catches them? 

After Carmelo Anthony and Paul George were traded to the Thunder for a quarter on the dollar, and Jimmy Butler got dealt to the Timberwolves for two dimes, everyone’s trotting out Bill Simmons' tired moniker: "Leastern Conference." The East may pale in comparison to the West when it comes to star power, but the other blockbuster trade of the craziest off-season in recent memory added to the top-heavy flavor in the East when Kyrie Irving joined the Shamrocks along with free agent Gordon Hayward. Meanwhile, the Cavs added a 2010 All-Star duo in Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose, so any locker room dancing at the Q might get awkward

Cleveland's contemporary All-Star in return for Irving, Isaiah Thomas, might not even suit up for the wine and gold until the New Year, but the Cavs still have the best player  in the Association on the floor. Can anyone but LeBron James and some switch-happy wing defenders—hi, Jae Crowder—even compete against Golden State? The West possesses a juicier array of answers. Lost amid the Melo and Butler trades is Paul George’s two-way brilliance. If the Thunder are truly going to compete with the juggernaut in the Bay, George has to be option 1A behind the reigning MVP, and Melo—even cowled—becomes a third option. Have fun with that Billy Donovan.

Running neck and neck with OKC is Houston, who added Chris Paul in a sign-and-trade. If the Rockets somehow upset the Warriors in the playoffs and go on to win a ring, does that mean Kevin McHale is right, and James Harden needed Chris Paul’s leadership to capture the crown? Or does it prove The Beard just needed the tutelage of the Pringles guy, Dwight Howard to disappear, and another playmaker to compete with the stacked team at the top?

Will the Spurs and Gregg Popovich continue to churn out title-contending teams, and will Kawhi be the frontrunner for MVP without a superstar sidekick? And does the Land of a Thousand Lakes have a thousand too many guys who need the ball for them to be successful this year? 

Lastly, will Quire Sultan laugh off his social media snafu like his teammate, or will it be the only thing to doom perhaps the greatest team in NBA history? While we wait for the Cavs-Celtics and Rockets-Warriors to get it all going Tuesday on TNT starting at 8 p.m. ET, know that we have all the keys to more success for all 30 squads.