It’s official. LaVar Ball’s reality TV series Ball in the Family has been renewed for a second season.

LaVar announced the news via social media on Tuesday, just five weeks after the show premiered on Facebook’s Watch platform.

The Bunim-Murray Productions series chronicles the lives of LaVar, his wife, Tina Ball, and their three basketball player sons, Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo. So far, there have been eight episodes of Ball in the Family with only a couple left until the season one finale.

"See, that’s what’s good about the Facebook show. It shows the real stuff that’s going on behind the scenes." LaVar told Dime magazine last month. "[…] There’s a lot of things going on with a lot of people. But the success that we’re having and the route that we’re going, it’s all documented. Facebook is documenting it. I don’t have to take family photos and all this now. This shit’s going to go on forever. I can go back 50 years from now and say ‘Man, remember when we did this with Facebook? That was great. This is how the Balls turned out.’ […] This is history in the making and they’re the first ones on the set taking it all in."

While you wait for more information about season 2, you can catch up on Ball in the Family’s current season on Facebook