Sometimes it can be a tad confusing to try and figure out what team(s) Drake roots for. But his support of the Toronto Raptors, a team for whom he serves as a "Global Ambassador" (whatever the hell that is), remains strong. On Saturday night, in fact, he was spotted in his usual seats where he not only got to watch the hometown team annihilate Philadelphia but he also hopped on the broadcast, as he does from time-to-time.

After saying the game looked like a "potential 30 piece" (which ended up being accurate—tough night for Philly) he then tossed out a prediction that probably just got a little more realistic after Gordon Hayward's devastating injury on opening night.

“Norman Powell looks great, DeMar DeRozan set to have the season of his life, Kyle Lowry’s looking streamlined, Lucas tatted-up Lu’s got more face tats than any rapper that I know," Drake said before forecasting the season. "It’s crazy. We’re going to the Eastern Conference finals, boys.

He also expanded upon that opinion by stating "It's great to see them sharing the ball. The energy we have—just a change in the offense is exciting as well. I watched DeMar work out all summer, and everybody is looking great, man." Spoken like a true global ambassador.

Check out the entire clip above.