In the past we've seen challenges where people freeze in place or dump buckets of ice water on their heads sweep the nation. I don't think this one will become as popular (it's not like it's as easy to find an empty court as it is to fill a cooler with ice cubes and water) but, still, here's Drake doing something called the #OneAndDoneChallenge. Looks like a way to seal a game of "Horse":

The rules are simple: Sink a three-pointer while throwing it like a quarterback, then lay down and nail a half-courter (which seems like a shot Drake's practiced before). Also, play the "One and Done" song you hear in the clips. And, finally, don't edit your video.

According to TMZ, Drake got this challenge from its inventor, rapper/skills coach Dribble2Much (note the tweet above). TMZ also adds that afterwards, Drake challenged Raptors stars Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan to follow suit. In addition to being the invention of wacky challenges, Dribble2Much is also the rapper behind "One and Done," so he's got a lot riding on this.

Help his career or don't. Life's full of tough choices.