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For the first time in six years Chris Paul won't be suiting up in a Clippers uniform. Instead he'll be donning Houston gear. That could take some time to adjust to if you're watching in L.A or anywhere, really, for that matter.

And in honor of this change of jerseys (I guess?) ESPN will be airing a three-part documentary series called Chris Paul's Chapter 3 that will chronicle the nine-time All Star's intra-Western Conference trade, and will be candid... at least if the above clip is any indication.

In said clip, Paul criticizes the culture of his old team, where he says that despite the fact they were a perennial playoff squad they were never really equipped to contend for a title. "The whole thing with our team, a lot of people see the wins and losses and stuff like that, but it’s the culture of our team," he says. "If you ain’t trying to contend with the Warriors then what are we doing? You know what I mean? The Warriors haven’t lost in the playoffs. If you’re not trying to contend with them what are you doing?"

In fairness, drafting like Golden State and getting potential discounts on your homegrown players (as well as star free agents) isn't an easy thing for any franchise to do.

Paul also stated that he handled the ball too much with L.A., which is a problem that probably won't exist now that he's teammates with James Harden. "I had the ball in my hands way too much," he said about his former squad. "I’m tired of dribbling and having to do so much. I would love to be able to get on the wing and shoot the ball."

According to, Paul did state that he may have been to blame (at least partially) for the Clippers' recent woes. "Somewhere, I don't know when it was—I'm not a saint by any means, it could have a lot do to with me also—but we just weren't having as much fun."

He also viewed the Rockets as his best option after considering accepting a trade to either Boston or San Antonio, though he was concerned about the latter over the fear that coach Gregg Popovich will only be there for a few more seasons.

The forthcoming documentary will give you some insight on why one of the era's biggest stars left a $200+ million offer on the table to opt in for the final year of his contract for the purpose of allowing his old team to get something for him in a trade

You can catch Chris Paul's Chapter 3 on the ESPN app/on demand on Friday, or when it begins airing next Tuesday.