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Kyrie Irving ended his six-year tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason on bad terms, but that shouldn't take away from all the great things he accomplished in a Cavs jersey. For starters, the Cavs would not have become the 2016 NBA champions if it weren't for Kyrie's heroics, which included knocking down a pivotal three-pointer over Steph Curry in the waning moments of Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

When Irving returns to his old stomping grounds of the Quicken Loans Arena on Tuesday as a member of the Boston Celtics, he will reportedly be honored with a video tribute, according to Joe Vardon of The video is meant to be a "thank you" to Kyrie for everything he did throughout his time with Cleveland. No word on when exactly the video tribute will be played. 

If there was any lingering possibility that Cavs fans would show their appreciation for Irving when he returned to The Q, all that went out the window when he praised the city of Boston and took some shots at Cleveland in the process. "Boston, I’m driving in and [thinking], 'I’m really playing in a real, live sports city?'" he told reporters. "A lot of different cultures, food, and people. You get it all, especially in Boston. You would go to Cleveland, and it would be at nighttime and things would be going on, but you just see a vast difference."

Those remarks will not be lost on Cavs fans who will most likely show Kyrie what a "real, live sports city" sounds like every time he touches the ball.