Back in March, LaVar Ball made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take, and it made for one of the most entertaining First Take segments of all time. LaVar got into a screaming match with Stephen A. Smith, and it was so intense that another ESPN program, The Dan LeBatard Show, stopped what they were doing and spent several minutes talking about what was going down between LaVar and Stephen A. If you missed it back then, you can catch some of the highlights below:

Since then, LaVar has made several other appearances on First Take. While he hasn’t been able to recapture the magic of his first appearance (outside of this amazing meme, of course), he always comes with a few opinions that set Stephen A. off. And his appearance on Wednesday's episode was no different.

After LaVar took a few shots at Stephen A. for wearing glasses off camera, he got right down to business and made his first outrageous statement of the morning. Stephen A. asked him to predict how many games the Lakers will win this season now that his son Lonzo is on the team, and LaVar responded by saying, "50." To which Stephen A. said:

Somehow, Stephen A. managed to prevent his head from exploding, and they moved on. But when they did, LaVar hit him with yet another wild prediction concerning Steph Curry that was just too much for Stephen A. to take. The sportscaster asked LaVar what he thinks will happen when Lonzo takes the court for his first game against the Warriors and is forced to match up against Curry. Of course, LaVar said Curry isn’t even going to want to come near his son.

"He’s not even going to go up against Steph Curry," LaVar said. "I’ll tell you what: Steph Curry better not go over there and try to guard him. How’s that? I bet you he won’t go over there and try to guard him. Guaranteed. You gonna see."

Elsewhere, LaVar addressed Lonzo ranking higher than Carmelo Anthony on ESPN’s list of the top NBA players, and also spoke about why all of his Big Baller Brand sneakers are so expensive. He quickly got back on Stephen A.’s bad side by predicting that the Lakers will beat the Warriors twice during the upcoming season.