When it comes to your fantasy team, Odell Beckham Jr. cares about as much as everyone else (though he probably means could not), at least according to a tweet he sent out Saturday afternoon that was likely a reaction to a bunch of obnoxiously frustrated "owners" asking (once again) if he's playing this week:

For the uninitiated, this is a fairly consistent theme with NFL players.

But back to Beckham...

As you're likely aware if he's on your squad--or if you're, you know, a Giants fan--OBJ is listed as questionable for Monday night's game against the Lions. In fact, on Thursday, it was revealed that the timeline surrounding his sprained ankle calls for "six-to-eight weeks" of healing, though he already has a few of those weeks out of the way, and did return to practice in a limited capacity on that day.

On Saturday coach Ben McAdoo said they'd make an effort to get him ready for Monday night, though he was unclear on whether Beckham had to be 100 percent healthy to play. Additionally, he said the team would exercise caution with his return, which makes perfect sense.

Our advice? A completely unhelpful cop-out where we say "Play him at your own risk," because we're kind of in the same boat as he is about your fantasy team. Sorry.