After shuffling on and off the field in his first game back from an ankle injury last week, Odell Beckham Jr. returned to his usual form against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Beckham Jr. amassed 79 receiving yards on nine catches, but it was his touchdown celebrations after getting into the end zone on two separate occasions that has people talking. 

Following a beautiful catch in the back of the end zone to cut the Eagles lead to 14-7 in the fourth quarter, Beckham Jr. crawled along the back line before lifting up his leg and pretending to pee.

Even though the league promised before the season to be more lenient with penalizing touchdown celebrations, the referees still threw the flag on Beckham Jr. for unsportsmanlike conduct. When asked after the game about his celebration, the New York Giants wide receiver didn't provide much of an explanation. 

Maybe Beckham Jr. was simply marking the endzone as his territory. Following his second score on a one-handed grab, OBJ simply raised his fist in the air for the whole stadium to see. The gesture is frequently called the Black Power salute, and had its most famous moment in sports during the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

That sentiment of protesting has been echoed throughout the league. Prior to today's game between the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans, both teams released statements announcing that would not be participating in the national anthem.

That gesture was repeated late Sunday by the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks, who announced that they too would stay in the locker room during the national anthem.