It’s been more than 48 hours now since tight end Eric Ebron and the Lions asserted their dominance over safety Landon Collins and the Giants on the field on Monday Night Football. But apparently, Ebron and Collins are still both pretty pissed off about a pair of plays that took place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. on Monday night.

Early in the second quarter of the game, Collins made a big tackle on Ebron and got up and celebrated it. A short time later, Ebron returned the favor by scoring a touchdown and then getting up into Collins’ face to let him know that he didn’t appreciate his celebration of the tackle he made earlier. Words were exchanged, and while the two were eventually separated before things got too out of hand, Ebron had some not-so-nice things to say about Collins when he was asked about their confrontation on Tuesday.

"I was pissed off," he told The Detroit News. "I was pissed off at that little punk of a safety they’ve got over there."

It’s worth noting that Ebron also said some complimentary things about Collins. He said he thought Collins "played a good game" and he also said he "played his butt off trying to guard me." But obviously, the "little punk of a safety" comment is what made its way back to Collins—and he was not happy about it.

Rather than responding through the media, Collins took to his Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon to respond to Ebron. He pointed out that, despite Ebron’s success during the game, he didn’t record any catches on him.

That led Ebron to fire back with a tweet of his own, in which he claimed that his Week 1 matchup with Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu was tougher than his matchup with Collins.

And that led to Collins striking back again with this.

Collins also retweeted this GIF of him tackling Ebron.

And he added this.

Ultimately, Ebron is the one who gets the last laugh here because his team won easily against the Giants. But if the Giants are able to turn their season around after starting 0-2, the Lions and Giants could end up fighting over a playoff spot later this season. There’s also a chance they could end up meeting in the postseason once it begins. So this might not be the last we see of this Collins/Ebron beef that seems to be much realer than most of the Twitter beefs we see involving athletes.