The most important draft pick in Knicks history since Patrick Ewing in 1985 should demand a trade immediately. Because as long as Knicks owner James Dolan and his minion, president Steve Mills, are still around, the Knicks will never be shit just like yo’ deadbeat daddy. This is something players and fans need to come to grips with. The Knicks brass does not love you, they only love their pockets. They’re not picking you up after school to buy you that new bike, fam. Look how they treated Charles Oakley. He’s the fan favorite of fan favorites and Dolan and his goons treated him like he never played a game for the team.

Their idea of building a team around a 7' unicorn is to give Tim Hardaway Jr. damn near $20 million a year and replace Melo with underachiever extraordinaire Michael Beasley. They passed on Dennis Smith Jr. and Malik Monk to draft a triangle-type point guard, and then turned around and fired the triangle’s biggest proponent. Anthony wanted to escape New York so bad even after former team president Phil Jackson’s firing that he waived his no-trade clause to play in Oklahoma City with Westbrook, Paul George, and one basketball for the next two seasons. The Knicks traded its best player for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott, and a second-round pick. Both of those players are signed through 2019, so Knicks fans are gonna be stuck with them, along with that crazy Joakim Noah contract, for the next two seasons at the very least.

So basically, there’s pretty much nothing to look forward to as a Knicks fan until maybe 2020? Which just so happens to be Kristaps’ final year on his rookie deal, unless he does the smart thing and orchestrates his way out of New York now, like today. Because one day, this ownership will treat him how they treated Melo and Oak. One day, when he’s disgruntled, they’ll scrub him out of press releases, or drag him out of the arena, accussing him of being a drunk. This isn’t a future a talent like Porzingis should have to deal with.

KP, Godzingis, Porzingawd, if you’re reading this, please demand a trade; it’ll be for your own good. Leave this godforsaken place, this cage, this circus. Go spread your wings for an organization that cares about winning, who treats its fans and legends like they should be treated. Go down to OKC to link up with Russ, Melo, and the rest of them. Or head to either L.A. or Boston and have a statue built in your likeness after you win a couple rings. It ain’t happening here, champ. The Knicks ownership didn’t even make an attempt at giving Ewing a coaching gig, and he put his life on the line every night for 15 years. Go be free and reach your potential elsewhere. Love doesn’t live at Madison Square Garden, only heartbreak.