COMPLEX: Tell us the story behind your recent track with Manchester United and adidas? 
Mist: It was a great opportunity to be working with one of the biggest football teams in the world. Never did I think when I started making music, that one day I'd be making music for an official ad for them. Many of the players already listen to my music so it only made sense for there to be this collaboration. adidas hit me up for this and it all kinda went from there.

You and adidas are riding a real wave right now. Were you always a fan of the brand?

Most definitely. Some of my favourites would be the adidas PTs or the LAs. They were both classics.

adidas Football has also chosen you to be an ambassador of the Nemeziz Tango 17.1. What are you making of that drop?
I like them! They're different to what I’d usually wear, but I liked wearing them for my festival performances this summer like Reading and Leeds.

How does your on-stage style differ to your street style?
I like to be comfortable on stage so I’d actually be wearing the same kinda vibes that I’d wear off stage. It’s important to look and feel good. I’m not someone who likes to change when I'm on stage to show I’m something different. My music is about what I do and how I live, so that’s why I perform so naturally.

You work with a pretty close team of frequent collaborators —​ Steel Banglez, MoStack, J Hus but what is it about these guys that you respect so much?
When you build your own recipe and you know that it works, you frequently use it right. That’s the same method behind this. With Banglez, me and him both work off each other and we know our energies in the studio. It’s been that way since "Karlas Back", where he plays something in and the words just fit. I will have a lot of different and unexpected features soon land.