Devin Wade is the name that's about to takeover the NFL.

Last year, Alex Hunter was the Premier League's hottest new arrival as a result of his exploits on the inaugural edition of FIFA's 'The Journey' and now, EA SPORTS are bringing a similar story mode to another of their legendary franchises, Madden NFL.

'Longshot' is Madden's answer to 'The Journey', featuring an all-star cast including leads JR Lemon (ex-NFL star) and Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights), Mahershala Ali (House of Cards) and NFL legend Dan Marino. 'Longshot' follows the stories of Devin Wade and Colton Cruise, who become the stars of a TV series called Longshot, that turns a player with low odds of making it as a footballer into an NFL draftee.

We caught up with the stars of Madden NFL 18's 'Longshot', JR Lemon and Scott Porter, who were speaking at NFL UK’s season kick off event, to find out how the likes of Devin Wade and Alex Hunter are changing video games forever.

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