Look, you don’t rap “you ever have Mitchell & Ness tryin’ to sponsor you?” if you aren’t the undisputed Jersey King of your time, which Fab definitely was. We could have made a list of just Fab’s jersey choices throughout his music video catalog. Remember his coming out party in Lil’ Mo’s “Superwoman” video when we broke out the Seahawks Ricky Watters, Titans Eddie George and the Falcons Jamal Anderson jerseys? He came out of the gate on fire, and continued that with his first single, “Can’t Deny It.”

This video is so good because Fab ditched the randomness of jersey selection and instead opted for a classic red, white and blue theme which yielded some incredible options as far as jerseys go. You’d be hard-pressed to find a jersey hotter than the Julius Erving 76ers one from the late 70’s with the stars lining the sides. Fab doubles down on Dr. J by breaking out the rare Virginia Squires jersey from his ABA days (more on that in a moment), and finishes off the trifecta with the Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers jersey. Other jerseys fitting the motif make appearances on members of the supporting cast—there’s DJ Clue with the Larry Bird All-Star jersey and Nate Dogg in a Lamar Odom Clippers jersey—but Fab’s selection of timeless pieces set in front of a massive American flag is what gets remembered.