The Brooklyn Nets took a trip to the U.S. Naval Academy this week as part of their training camp, and they spent some time interacting with the cadets as part of their experience. It also looks they ate in the U.S. Naval Academy cafeteria, and as they did, an impromptu game of 1-on-1 broke out between a couple Nets players and some brave midshipmen who were in attendance.

At one point, one of the midshipmen challenged Nets forward DeMarre Carroll to a game of 1-on-1, and Carroll was all too happy to accept his invitation. And he didn’t take it easy on the midshipman, either—at all. We should point out that this game of 1-on-1 didn’t take place on a real basketball court; it instead included a mini basketball and a mini hoop with a midshipman holding it in place as best he could.

After Carroll was able to shut down the (much shorter!) midshipman on defense to start the game, he took the ball and decided that he wasn’t going to show any mercy to the poor guy trying to D him up. He went directly at him with the ball and... well, you can see for yourself what happened next:

Yep. Carroll dunked allllllllll over him without giving it a second thought.

Before you get too bent out of shape, Carroll was quick to pose for a photo with the midshipman once the game was over. So he more than made up for putting the guy on a poster. But still, did you have to do him like that, man? Sheesh.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson also dunked over a midshipman during lunch, but thankfully, he did it as part of a preplanned dunk that got the entire cafeteria hyped. You can watch that dunk here:

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