Everyone has tough days at the office, no matter what your job is. Thankfully, most of us get to have them from the anonymity of a cubicle, or at least far away from the glare of television cameras.

Chuck Pagano is not so fortunate. The Colts' head coach had to stand on the sideline while his team got beat the hell down in their opening game against the Los Angeles Rams, losing by an embarrassing margin of 46-9. Without Andrew Luck in the huddle to get anything going, the Colts had no shot to win against one of the league's most talented defenses.

Pagano started to acknowledge the smackdown laid by the Rams after the play, but while trying to describe what happened, he made one tiny mistake: he forgot what team he just lost to, and credited the San Francisco 49ers (???) for their performance on Sunday.

Hey, at least they're teams in the same division? Unless Pagano is seeing into the future—his team will play the 49ers in Week Five—this is a really bad brain cramp that will be mocked on every NFL show this week.  It added insult to the injury that was the lopsided scoreline, and football fans were happy to pile on Pagano for the slip of the tongue.

Pagano might be wishing his team got a chance to play the 49ers this week instead. The 49ers took a 23-3 loss in their home opener against the Carolina Panthers, and the outlook was so bleak at halftime that Niners fans decided they'd rather pack it in than watch their sad sack of a football team go through the motions for another 30 minutes of game time.

God bless whoever tunes into the Week Five matchup of these two teams. Judging by their performances in two completely separate games this Sunday, it's going to get ugly.

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