Their marriage may have ended, but their love for the game will never die. Hardcore hockey fans, Beverly and Donald McLeod, decided to call it quits back in 2015 after 35 long years of matrimony. Court documents show that the separation was fairly straight forward with one exception.

Donald may have agreed to pay $15,000 per month in spousal support, but there was one thing that he simply wasn't going to let go of... his NHL season tickets. The McLeods have been lifelong Edmonton Oilers fans, so when they divorced, the possession of their seats became a bit of an issue. According to the court, the season tickets are categorized as household items and since Donald refused to relinquish them in any capacity, Beverly threw her gloves onto the ice and got herself ready to duke it out.

Seeing as these Oilers tix are incredibly expensive and hard to come by, Beverly decided to file for joint custody. Alberta Justice Ritu Khullar heard her plea and after some negotiation, the hardcore puckheads came to a resolution. In the official ruling, it is made clear that the divorcees will be able to attend an equal amount of games at Edmonton's Rogers Arena. They also won't have to awkwardly sit beside each other, with attendance to the NHL games being divvied up equally throughout the year.

"The parties shall alternate choices for game tickets with the defendant choosing first the game for which he wants tickets, the plaintiff choosing second for her game, and the parties alternating choices thereafter until all regular season tickets have been assigned," the ruling reads. "In the event there are playoff tickets, the plaintiff shall choose her game first, the defendant second, and alternating thereafter."

The extremely Canadian story picked up some steam online, with many Twitter users poking fun at the sheer absurdity of the situation. You can check out some reactions below.