Weigh-ins are usually pretty boring affairs (though there are exceptions) with occasional over-the-top stare downs and dramatic instances where a promoter will get between the two fighters and pretend like he's holding them apart. With that out of the way, here's what happens when you add a playful little scamp to the mix.

On Friday, during a weigh-in between fighters Billy Joe Saunders and Willie Monroe Jr. prior to their Saturday bout, Billy Joe's son reared back and gave Monroe a low blow after the fighter gave the little guy what appears to be a playful rub on the head.

After the punch, a member of Monroe's entourage said "That's bullshit," which led to the young Saunders replying, "You're bullshit." Check it out at the 3:40 mark below. That mom from Leave it to Beaver would be spinning in her grave:

As for Saunders' response, it seems like maybe he should help his son learn the difference between an innocuous tussle of his hair and, say, a man telling him he can have some candy if he gets in the car:

Might be time to tweak that rule a bit.