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Who has more to prove this upcoming season than Kyrie Irving? He demanded a trade, he got it, now it’s time for him to prove to the world that he can be a true point guard. He has MVP talent but has been overshadowed by the giant that is LeBron James the last several years. 2017 was frustrating for Irving; not only were the Cavs severely overmatched in the Finals, Kyrie became the first player in history to average 25 ppg and five apg and not lead his team in either category. He also had to watch the Brinks truck back up for guys like Russell Westbrook and John Wall. Luckily for him, the Celtics had the best assets to offer the Cavs for his services. Finally, he’ll be able to ball with the sun in his face for one of the game’s most successful franchises. He’ll be faced with more pressure than ever before, though, as it’s always championship or bust in Boston. Kyrie might put up 30 a game. —A.D.