It’s now Season 4 of Survivor’s Remorse, the LeBron James-Maverick Carter—produced dramedy on Starz, and our characters find themselves in the midst of an identity crisis. Like, all of them. Cam and his sister M-Chuck are searching for their respective fathers; their mother, Cassie, would rather they not; and their sister-in-law Missy is working to establish herself aside from having married into the family of an NBA star. You’ve seen Season 3, right? Then you know that the death of Uncle Julius (Mike Epps) sent each member of the Calloway family on a personal journey with grief. This go-round sees them digging through those ashes for deeper meaning.

“Oh yeah, I think a lot of this discovery stuff happened because of that loss. Everybody was like, ‘Life is so short,’” Jessie T. Usher (Cam Calloway) tells Complex. “That’s kind of how Cam was feeling and that all came from the death of Uncle Julius. He started thinking about life and death and what’s really important. He’s made it. He’s rich, he’s successful, he’s at the top of his game. But now he’s trying to figure what else matters and what’s more important.”

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Image via David Cabrera

And if, by chance, you have not seen Season 3, and you don’t know the characters above on a first-name basis, then you’re missing out. Survivor’s is a hardworking show that runs the emotional gamut in just 30 dexterous minutes. Fortunately, the stars of the show stopped by Complex to catch you up.

“With Starz, because people have to pay for it, we got a lot of people that can’t afford it, so we have to give them something that’s worth their while. Gladly this show is interesting and everybody can identify with it,” says Tichina Arnold, who plays  Cassie Calloway. “I always tell them, it’s not about basketball. You’ll never see him on the court playing basketball. It’s about the life that surrounds basketball.”

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Image via David Cabrera

Teyonah Parris, who plays Missy Vaughn, agrees. “The relationships, the family, the fame, and basketball is the backdrop to what’s actually happening.”

What’s actually happening is Cam has signed a huge contract extension in Atlanta, making him the anchor of the franchise. Mo’ money, mo’ problems, but Cam seems to finally be mastering the game.

“That is actually is a big thing that happens in this season—how Cam starts to deal with the media and fans. It’s crazy for a star athlete, which is something I brought to them early on when we sat down in the writers’ room,” Usher says. ”This lifestyle basketball players live is bananas. It’s something you can’t even imagine.“

Before you tune in on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. to watch it all play out, learn more about the cast and what you can expect.