It’s probably safe to say that just about every NBA player in the entire league thinks that his NBA 2K rating is too low. Even LeBron James, who leads the league with a 97 rating, is probably wondering what else he has to do to get those three extra points added. And it’s become customary for NBA players to speak out against their ratings when they are released in the weeks leading up to the start of a season. Just recently, we saw John Wall get into it with a 2K employee over his rating, which is high but apparently not high enough for the Wizards star.

Rudy Gay is the latest NBA player to come out and publicly disagree with where he falls on the list of the best 2K players in the league. On Tuesday night, the official @NBA2K Twitter account released a list of the 10 highest-rated small forwards in NBA 2K18.

And as you can see, Gay didn’t fall on the list. That’s partly because the list is filled with guys who deserve to be there over Gay—and partly because Gay only played in 30 games last season due to injury, which no doubt knocked him down a couple notches in the ratings this season.

But regardless of the reason, Gay didn’t take too kindly to 2K leaving him off the list, and he let them know about it by blasting them on Twitter. He called the list a "crock of BS" and told everyone to "wait till this season" get started, indicating that he has plans to get back on the list throughout the course of the year.

Someone suggested Gay may have just been categorized as a power forward in the game, which would explain his absence on the small forward list.

But Gay said he checked and that isn’t the case, which is why he got so upset in the first place.

At the end of the day, we can’t really blame Gay or any other NBA player for wanting to have a better rating. But does it really matter, guys? The great thing is that, unlike the games that were released a decade ago, you have the power to change your ratings if you want to, based on your play. So rather than complaining about ratings, why not focus on that instead?