For some teams, it was hard to pick just one reason why they won't win the Super Bowl—a lot of teams have a lot of problems.

For others, it was hard to pin down a reason why they wouldn't—because they're so set for deep runs in the postseason. How do you count out teams that have Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady?

Regardless of the rationales listed as to why your squad will not win the Super Bowl, consider this: This is probably going to be the most accurate preseason-prediction article you’ll read all month. Complex will automatically get 31 of these 32 non-Super Bowl picks right. You can put money on that. That's a 96.8 percent accuracy, for those keeping score at home.

The beginning of the season is typically seen as a time of hope. A time when every team has a fresh slate and an equal chance of winning—or in this case, not winning—a title. Realistically, your team is probably not going to win a title this season (unless you're a Pats fan) so this will may be the most accurate thing you read before the NFL season kicks off September 5.

So with that said, here is one reason why your NFL squad won't win the Super Bowl.