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We don’t know if you noticed, but there was a lot of crazy stuff that went down in Las Vegas on Saturday night. It started with Floyd Mayweather making his way out to the ring for his fight with Conor McGregor dressed like Kodak Black—and it ended with Mayweather recording a knockout against McGregor after sending a flurry of punches in his direction in the 10th round during their much-anticipated match. And in between, McGregor actually surprised a lot of people and convinced some fans that he could have beaten Mayweather if a few things had gone differently for him.

After the fight was over, Stephen A. Smith did what Stephen A. Smith does and appeared on ESPN to give his breakdown of the competitive match. But when he did, some random guy—outfitted in a bowtie and a Boston Celtics hat, no less—interrupted him while he was trying to talk to send a very loud and very clear message to those watching at home. That message? "Fuck the Mayweathers!" And then, just in case people didn’t catch that? "Fuck the Mayweathers!" again.

It prompted ESPN anchor Steve Levy to ask Stephen A., "Friend of yours?" To which Stephen A. responded, "I don’t know who the man is."

You don’t say!

If you want to hear what else Stephen A. said during his segment, you can watch below. Otherwise, you can check out the clip of the random Boston bro interrupting him in the clip above.