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Kevin Durant has sent out a lot of strange tweets since joining Twitter back in April 2009. For proof of that, look no further than this video of some of KD’s fellow NBA players reading the bizarre tweets he has unleashed on the world over the years.

One of his strangest tweets of all time was sent out back in January 2011, and it involves Scarlett Johansson. It seems KD had a bit of a crush on the actress at the time, and he let everyone know about it when he tweeted he would be down to drink her bath water.

Yikes. #random indeed. And next time, maybe @ her? (and uh, spell her name correctly?)

Johansson, not surprisingly, never really got around to responding to that tweet (how do you respond to something like that anyway?!). But it’s one of KD’s most memorable tweets, so when he agreed to answer mailbag questions on The Bill Simmons Podcast this week, it inevitably came up. One listener asked KD about his infamous Johansson tweet. And while most people would probably be like, "Yeeeeeeah, I maybe should have thought twice before hitting send on that one," KD fully embraced the tweet and even doubled down on what he said in it.

"I hope she was aware of it," KD told Bill Simmons. "It is strange now because it made me look crazy, but now it made me look real cool because I would. I actually love Scarlett Johansson, and I would do that. And she’s single now from what I heard."

This seems like a really weird way for KD to try and get Johansson’s attention, but no weirder than when he sent out his original tweet. So shoot your shot, KD. This doesn’t seem like a high-percentage attempt, but then again, you could argue this wasn’t really a high-percentage shot, either, and it went in. So who knows, right?