There’s no question Floyd Mayweather is the favorite heading into the 'Money Fight' Saturday with Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all-time, and while McGregor has proven himself as a dominant mixed martial arts force, they won’t compete in MMA. They’re boxing.

McGregor has never fought in a professional boxing match, and Mayweather is 49-0. If you plan to bet on this match, you’d have to put up $400 to win $100 on Mayweather, whereas a $100 bet on McGregor would net you $300 if the UFC star were to win.

The way Mayweather sees it, he’s taking a much bigger risk than McGregor by engaging in this fight.

“I’m taking the bigger risk,” Mayweather said, per MMA Junkie. “I have the 49-0 record. And when a fighter has lost before, if he loses again, it’s nothing. He lost before. But when a fighter has been dominating for 20-something years, never lost, everything is on the line.”

You’d be hard-pressed to argue with Mayweather’s logic. If he loses this match, his entire career could come into question. McGregor, who is 21-3 in his MMA career, has losses to his name.

“My legacy,” Mayweather said. “My boxing record. Everything is on the line.”

But there is certainly a big reward, too. The winner could earn as much as $100 million.

“It’s all about taking risks,” Mayweather said. “And I wouldn’t be where I’m at, if I didn’t take risks. So I don’t mind putting my 49-0 on the line. I don’t mind putting everything on the line for this fight. I feel like it’s worth it.”

The fight will take place on Showtime pay-per-view Saturday August 26 at 9 p.m. EST.