The Dallas Cowboys officially rang in training camp Sunday in Oxnard, California, but it was the team’s owner playing the role of a tackling dummy on social media. Fans and sports pundits alike quickly took note of the number of Cowboys’ players currently under suspension or facing potential suspensions.

Cornerback Nolan Carrol was arrested on charges of driving while under the influence in May. Linebacker Damien Wilson faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for an incident in Fresno, California. Defensive end Damontre Moore was arrested on suspension of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license back in December while still a member of the Seattle Seahawks.

There’s also the matter of Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys’ star running back has been accused of being involved in injuring a man at a Dallas bar in recent weeks. Elliott also faces domestic violence allegations stemming from accusations made last July in Columbus Ohio.

With those incidents looming over the team’s training camp, Jones addressed reporters with questions about his team’s perceived character issues.

“The stronger the core is the better it can take the torpedo,” Jones said about his team’s support system for troubled players. “We’ve got a high bar here.”

Jones also claimed to have not heard about Elliott’s alleged involvement in the bar incident.

Twitter proceeded to unload a full clip, as is customary in such situations.

RT @jonmachota: Jerry Jones: "We've got a high bar here." Says Dallas Cowboys don't have tolerance for off the field issues

— Pric Flair (@MajaLeeg) July 23, 2017

Jerry Jones says regarding investigation of @EzekielElliott that he's seen "absolutely nothing" to suggest Zeke committed domestic violence

— Ed Werder (@EdwerderRFA) July 23, 2017

Jerry Jones walked into that Dallas bar like... #CowboysNation

— Zae 🥃 (@esteban_287) July 19, 2017

Live footage of Jerry Jones "handling" Ezekiel Elliot's most recent malfeasance.💰💰😂😂 #DallasCowboys #Culture

— Bacon & Iggles 🖖👽 (@ThomasFox_4) July 19, 2017

Other highlights included Jones saying he admired the New England Patriots, and looks to the franchise that spent the bulk of a season being accused of cheating as "role models" for how they've annually handled suspensions and injuries. 

Jerry Jones says he looks at the Patriots as "role models" for how they've handled suspensions & injuries each season.

— Taylor Stern (@TayStern) July 23, 2017

Jerry Jones on changing scrutiny of current NFL "boy, I had a wonderful time before this social media hit"

— CBS 11 Sports (@CBS11Sports) July 23, 2017

At least Jones wasn't completely oblivious. He admitted that things were much easier before the advent of social media...that would be the same social media he's currently taking a beating on. 

The NFL season officially begins September 7. Dallas will begin the season Sunday, September 10 against the New York Giants.